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Commercie Park Opening Spring 2015
February, 23, 2014 Tuskegee, AL

Tuskegee Commerce Park will be the new home of Greenwood Global's materials recover and manufacturing facility. The commerce park will open in the spring of 2015 will launch its new comprehensive recycling program that include manufacturing GREEN building materials along with a host of green technologies aiming at protecting the environment.


Starting immediately, the company plans to hire 45 call center representatives, 100 sales representatives and 20 upper management positions, along with drivers, warehouse, and energy auditors to contact local Alabama’s to inform them about recycling options.

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At GREENWOOD GLOBAL, our sustainability objective is to create industry-leading value with brands and products that consumers prefer, while at the same time conserving resources, protecting the environment and improving social conditions for those who need it most. We see success as creating value for consumers and shareowners and leading the consumer products industry with effective and lasting solutions to environmental and social sustainability challenges. We believe in actions speaking louder than words – ”Promises made, Promises kept” – which is why we consistently deliver products and programs that demonstrate progress on environmental and social sustainability.