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RAPCAT is an acronym for "Recycle And Protect Clean Air Together".


Greenwood Global, LLC is proud to have Club Rapcat LLCs as a strategic partner to help inform and raise awareness about environmental issues facing the planet. Appealing to both children and adults it emphasizes the fact that every positive action on what ever scale, can help.

Using entertainment as the delivery vehicle, "Rapcat & The Recyclers" , Rapcat, Copycat, Catina, Bobcat and Lee Oh, together with the clubrapcat website are designed to inform children and adults about the planet's environmental issues and shrinking natural resources, while helping to raise awareness and promote positive action.

The site is subscription based. It is not a marketing vehicle for products and services. So you won't find pop-ups or commercial links on the site. You will find links to like-minded organizations and groups. Using entertainment to persuade rather than preach, the site encourages children to get involved even if in a small way, at home, at school or in their neighborhood in recycling and environmental activities.

The news and resource section provides a source of information to keep informed and for school projects. The comic strips, games, puzzles and activities section is not just entertaining. A great deal of the content has been specially selected for its educational value and positive messages.
All music and especially the lyrics are selected, written and produced to entertain, educate and appeal to a young audience.

Recycle And Protect Clean Air Together