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Greenwood Global in partnership with Kassflo Ventures LLC parent company of Who's America's Next Rap Star has teamed up for the inaugural Ultimate Clean Green Tour Presented by Greenwood Global Powered by Green Grease. This innovative tour brings together environmental education, music, arts, culture, and sustainability through media and entertainment techniques designed to spark critical thinking and involvement from children to adults alike. The goal is to spread a new way of thinking and practicing real life Environmental Education, Responsible Music and to directly reach as many people as possible through this “Grass Roots Movement”.


On each stop we will a host three-day event in which attendees would come from different sectors of the communities, to come together and see firsthand that the jobs and clean energy we long for already exist right there in their own back door. The tour also provides a means to promote Who’s America’s Next Rap Star mission of ushering in a new era in lyrical spoken word artistry and showmanship and whose content sends a positive and clean message. We believe our road tour and talent search competition/showcase can make a difference and Change the Face of Hip Hop by offering an alternative to what is now currently happening in this genre of entertainment. We feel strongly that we can make a difference by providing an opportunity for those artists who share our vision and our goal is to return back to the days of respectable hip hop entertainment via multiple spectrums, utilizing our forth coming talent search competition, social media network and this road tour as a platform.

Here’s your chance to make our efforts a success and help us shape future lives. A portion of all proceeds generated from this tour will go towards the general scholarship funds of participating schools, colleges and organizations. This tour will make special appearances at while actively participating at special events over the course of this tour. The Ultimate Rap Star Experience Competition and Clean Green Tour will be fueled solely from the “GREASE” we collect from homes and businesses at every stop.


The primary source of funding for the tour will come from corporate sponsors such as yourself and others who share our mission, vision and goals. The tour will make appearances at major high attendance events including football classics and spring break destinations. We anticipate that our 40-State cross country tour will reach over fifty million friends, families and fans in attendance at our tour destinations. Your sponsorship will help insure the success of our mission.

The success of this tour will not only help us support the efforts of these academic institutions with financial contributions from the tour, but help us change the face of hip hop and transforms the lives of tomorrows youth by offering them an alternative to the negative tide and influences that rap has taken this generation. Additionally, our partnership with Greenwood Global, whose sustainability objective is to create industry-leading value with brands and products that consumers prefer, while at the same time conserving resources, protecting the environment and improving social conditions for those who need it most; we believe will help shape tomorrow.